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I am a third generation photographer…and very rarely do I go anywhere without a camera!

I have been shooting since I was a small child, evidenced by the photo to the right. Many of my first cameras ended up in various bodies of water around the world but now I am always careful to use the strap.

My mother and father were both published photographers. They shot photos of people all over the world, from villages to cities, Pushkar to Paris, in their unique environments.

Traveling with them and watching them work, I too became enthralled by the beauty these little black boxes were able to capture. My parents taught me and inspired me to tell stories with my photos about people, families and every day objects.

I have a love for photography in all its forms.  My favorite part of being a photographer is capturing moments for people that they can always go back to.  Many of my favorite shots are the ones where I have caught a spontaneous moment of a child laughing, a friend smiling or a family just being who they are.

There is nothing more satisfying for me than to create lasting memories through the lens of my camera.

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